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Best Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities

Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities

Advancing technologies are allowing people to do more than ever – and that includes people with disabilities. Special gadgets and assistive technology are available that can help people with disabilities become more independent and perform daily tasks they may have had trouble with before. While even bigger advances are in the works, such as self-driving cars and prosthetic limbs powered by mind control, there is already some assistive technology for people with disabilities available that can make life a little easier.

Cleaning Robots

Trying to clean the house when you sit in a wheelchair or have limited mobility can definitely be a challenge. Hiring a cleaning service is an option, but that can be costly long-term since you generally have to pay for each visit. While there aren’t gadgets available to perform every cleaning task, there are a few that can take care of the basic jobs so a cleaning service doesn’t have to come as often. Cleaning technology for people with disabilities includes things like:

  • Vacuum Robot: Push a button and a little robot moves around your house, sucking up dirt and dust so you don’t have to try and push around a stand-up vacuum. Some even allow you to set a cleaning schedule so the vacuum runs at a certain time automatically and then returns to its dock when done.
  • Floor Washing Robot: Much like the vacuum robot, with the push of a button, this gadget moves around the house and scrubs your hard floors for you.
  • Window Cleaning Robot: Turn these gadgets on, stick on your window and they automatically move around the glass to clean it.

Personal Emergency Response System

This assistive technology for people with disabilities is a must-have – no matter what the level of mobility. Whether you live alone or have a caregiver or family member who helps you, this can save you in the event of an emergency. These devices often come as a wearable pendant or can clip on to clothes so if you fall or have any sort of emergency, the appropriate help will be sent – 24 hours a day.

Assistive Computer Gadgets

Using a computer may not be easy if you have limited use of your hands or arms, so there are gadgets for people with disabilities to help. One example is a technology that attaches to the screen to allow you to control the mouse or type with head movements. Touch-screen computers or tablets with specific apps also often have other options to help people with disabilities control all on-screen motions with simple taps.

Google Glass

While this is not specifically an assistive technology for people with disabilities, it is a gadget that can help. Google Glass can perform several tasks with simple voice commands, so a person with limited mobility in their arms or hands can do things like take pictures, call or text people, or access the web. Some researchers are even looking into ways Google Glass can help with vision or hearing impairments as well.

Vibrating Watches

When people have disabilities, often times they need to stick to certain schedules when it comes to things like medication or exercises. Vibrating watches keep track of these schedules and much like an alarm clock, can automatically let you know when it’s time to do something – wherever you are. These watches come in several color options and styles, so you can get one that is both fashionable and functional.