Ease of Use

VMI is committed to making the easiest-to-use wheelchair vans in the mobility industry. We conduct extensive end-user research to gain a deep understanding of the needs of wheelchair users and their caregivers.

So, what makes VMI vans easier to use? The Northstar in-floor ramp is the key ingredient. We first introduced the in-floor ramp in 1993, and competitors have tried to imitate the Northstar for years without success. VMI holds multiple patents on the Northstar in-floor ramp system, which offers the following benefits for industry-best ease of use:

  • More room for wheelchair maneuverability (no ramp in cabin)
  • Safe exit for passengers on the passenger side at any time
  • Greater ramp width than most fold-out ramps to better accommodate wide power chairs
  • 800-lb capacity aluminum honeycomb ramp to support users of any size
  • No interference with factory front passenger seat
  • Easy access to door handles and switches
  • A ramp that stows under the floor to maintain a clean vehicle interior

In addition to creating the Northstar ramp system, VMI has doubled-down on our commitment to ease-of-use by introducing our Access360 conversions in 2012. The Access360 offers more headroom, floor length and interior space than any other mobility minivan for maximum wheelchair maneuverability.

VMI’s dedication to ease-of-use also extends beyond its products. We have a Customer Advocate Center to provide answers to any question you may have about wheelchair-accessible vehicles. If we cannot provide assistance, we will direct you to someone who can. Our specially-trained Veteran Advocates, for example, can help U.S. military veterans understand and use their VA mobility benefits to get into a wheelchair-accessible vehicle sooner. In some cases, our veteran advocates can help veterans obtain a VMI wheelchair van for little or no out-of-pocket cost.

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    VMI understands that reliability is absolutely critical to wheelchair users and caregivers.

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    Your VMI experience is about more than just the purchase of wheelchair-accessible vans and mobility products.

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    VMI is different because we listen to our customers. We know what is most important to wheelchair users and caregivers because we ask.

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