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National Mobility Awareness Month is a proclaimed month that was celebrated throughout the month of May.  The purpose was to educate the public that people with disabilities constitute the 2nd largest minority group in the United States.  Over 18 million people in the US and Canada have mobility issues;  Six million of those are Veterans.

The website, http://www.nmeda.com/mobility-awareness-month/ is where we share the stories of people with disabilities who are dealing with and overcoming mobility challenges.  Favorite stories were voted on by friends, family and peers, and the winners will be awarded wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Morning Television Show - The Daily Buzz

The Daily Buzz

On Friday, June 8, 2012, the winners of the National Mobility Awareness Month Local Heroes program were announced on the syndicated morning television show, “The Daily Buzz”. Alberto Cruz (Willimantic, Conn.), Ken Davert (Bay City, Mich.) and Ron Miner (Frankfort, Ill.), shared stories of triumph overcoming their disabilities and how their new, wheelchair accessible vehicles will further empower them in their active lifestyles.

VMI Honda Odyssey

VMI Honda Odyssey

The contest welcomed more than 1,700 Local Heroes entries and 1.2 million votes were cast at the MobilityAwarenessMonth.com website. Leaders in Washington, D.C. have also taken notice of the awareness month. Recently, on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, a resolution was submitted to designate May 2012 as National Mobility Awareness Month. “It is an honor to receive this support,” commented NMEDA CEO, Dave Hubbard. “Thank you to Congressman John Barrow (Ga.-12) for making this educational effort a priority.”

We were lucky enough to attend the delivery of the VMI Honda Odyssey to the Davert family in Saginaw, MI on July 19, 2012.  Surrounded by dozens of friends and family, the Davert family was given the keys to the Limited Edition 25th Anniversary VMI Honda Odyssey Northstar.  MobilityWorks made the event special with food, drinks and a festive atmosphere for this special day.  Never before in our industry’s history has a mobility equipment dealer adapted a wheelchair van for three power wheelchairs.  We don’t know how they did it, but MobilityWorks came through!

VMI delivers Honda Odyssey to the Davert family in Saginaw, MI

The Davert Family!

This donation was a team effort with NMEDA, San Tan Honda, VMI and MobilityWorks working together as a team.  It also embodies what our industry is all about; building and delivering safe and reliable transportation for people with disabilities.  At VMI, we build a van that is sort of a “one size fits all”.  What we mean by that is that each van is the same rolling off the line.  We don’t know how each van will be used; by a driver, family, caregiver, etc.  So, our local mobility equipment dealers become very important in the buying process.  They adapt the van specific to you and your needs, like the Davert family.

Local Heros

Local Heros

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