VMI and Make-A-Wish Surprise Abby Kylie: Vantage Mobility International, Inc.
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VMI and Make-A-Wish Surprise Abby Kylie

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6-Year Old Abby Gets A New Set of Wheels

An uplifting wish was granted to Abby Kylie who is battling a neurological disorder.  VMI and the VMI Mobility Center helped Abby and her family with a conversion for their VMI Toyota Sienna.  Abby loves interacting with people through her smiles and gestures.  Her mother, Michelle, and father, Chris, wanted to give her more opportunities to go outdoors where she loves to smile.  They have already planned their first trip to the Phoenix Children’s Museum.

“The VMI Toyota Northstar E is designed for families like the Kylie family” said Steve Crandell, Chief Operating Officer of VMI.  “The space inside the vehicle has been maximized so Abby’s wheelchair can easily be maneuvered and secured.  Plus there is enough room for all her family and friends!”  VMI has been converting the Toyota Northstar E since 2013.