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Disability Websites: Resources for Those with Disabilities

Posted in: Community Resources

With so many websites geared toward helping people with disabilities, it can be hard to find the really great ones. To help you sort through all of the disability websites on the web, below are a few of our top picks offering a mix of helpful, informational resources and interesting, relatable stories.

Helping Hands

Monkey Helpers for the Disabled is a unique national non-profit organization that places specially trained capuchin monkeys with people who are paralyzed or suffer other sever mobility impairments. Helping Hands Monkey Helpers offers independence, hope and connection to individuals with severe disabilities all across the country.

The website includes videos of “Monkey College,” which gives you a glimpse into the training the monkeys receive, as well as some videos of recipients explaining how their lives have changed with the help of the monkeys.


The Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality, founded in 1976, is an educational nonprofit membership organization with a mission of raising awareness for the needs of all travelers with disabilities. SATH works to remove physical and attitudinal barriers for free access and expand travel opportunities in the United States and abroad.

Members include travel professionals, consumers and other individuals and corporations who support the organization’s mission. The SATH website offers articles, tips and other resources for those with disabilities.

Dismantling DisABILITIES

Dismantling DisABILITIES is a collection of insights, stories and worksheets designed to help those affected by disability feel empowered to reach their potential. Written by Michael, a self-proclaimed disability advocate, the blog posts on this website for disabled communities cover a wide range of disabilities and focus on helping people make the most of their lives.

Michael created this blog to help those with disabilities understand their value and show them how to communicate this to others.

International Wheelchair Club

The International Wheelchair Club was created to help make the world a better place for wheelchair and scooter users. Members are invited to share information on places and businesses that offer wheelchair access as well as the most useful products that could help others with disabilities. Members include wheelchair users from all over the world as well as their caregivers, family members and friends.

Ability Links

Ability Links is a networking resource for disabled job seekers and hiring companies. Inclusive employers can find qualified candidates by posting jobs and searching applicants. Job seekers can search the job postings, upload resumes and apply online. All users can also get live support to answer questions about job accommodations, disability benefits and job search consultation.

Wheelchair Junkie

This disability website isn’t so much a resource as a place for the disabled community to share experiences with each other. Wheelchair Junkie is an online forum where those with disabilities can post questions and have conversations about mobility products, tech issues and living with disabilities. Users can even ask questions to Mark E. Smith, a well-recognized figure in the disabled community.