VMI Celebrates Record Sales With Family and Friends: Vantage Mobility International, Inc.
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VMI Celebrates Record Sales With Family and Friends

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After setting a first half sales record, VMI set sail to celebrate in San Diego this week. VMI management gathered with family and friends to reflect on the first half of 2016 and the incredible effort to provide more consumers with mobility and independence. “It’s a pivotal time for VMI” said Doug Eaton, VMI’s CEO. “We are pushing the industry forward in awareness, innovation, and positive consumer experiences.  It’s important to take time to celebrate a job well done.”

In usual VMI fashion, the day was not without planning and team building. VMI spent the morning sharing and reviewing ideas on how to  continue to serve new customers and provide ongoing support to existing customers. “VMI’s core value is to ‘never forget the challenges faced by our customers.’  Our values have been key to our success and our dedication to our customers motivates us in everything we do.” said Eaton.