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We’re excited to announce that VMI is once again making headline news at the national level. In an effort to help bring greater awareness to our company and industry, we began working with Edmunds.com, one of the foremost online automotive magazines, to better educate the public about conversion ramp systems.

The article, How to Choose a Ramp for Your Wheelchair Van, really captures the importance of choosing the right type of ramp conversion system.  Warren Clarke, who wrote the article, even offers up some important questions Edmunds readers should ask when considering what ramp type will work best with their lifestyle. And while the article was fair to the industry, we feel the in-floor ramp was heads and shoulders the winner. And fortunately, in brand specific arguments, VMI came out on top – especially when comparing price and space in both Sienna conversions.

Article by Warren Clarke:
A wheelchair van’s ramp is the first point of contact between the vehicle and its owner, and serves as a frequently traveled bridge, guiding the wheelchair user to and from the van. It’s an important part of the conversion-van equation, and yet it’s one that remains little more than an afterthought for many buyers.

There are two kinds of ramps on the market: in-floor and fold-out. As its name suggests, the in-floor ramp retracts under the van’s floor when not in use. As such, the ramp does not obstruct entry or exit when stowed. This isn’t the case with a fold-out ramp. When not in use, this ramp folds to form an upright barrier that can obstruct rear passenger entry.

Each ramp has its strengths and weaknesses. Given how important this piece of equipment is to your overall driving experience as a wheelchair user, it’s crucial that you make an informed decision. Here are six questions to consider as you evaluate ramps for your wheelchair van.

To read the entire article click here or on the below image:

VMI Featured on Edmunds.com