Meet Sean Kelly, Satisfied VMI Customer

Meet Sean Kelly, Satisfied VMI Customer

Sean Kelly has always liked to be outdoors and didn’t want to be bedridden after his accident. Even though he had to use a wheelchair to get around, he wanted to live life like he did before. VMI helped him go more places and do more things. His van has added to his independence and helped him have a better relationship with his kids. He’s not stuck at home and can get where he needs to go. Having a vehicle he can drive and use to get where he needs to go is very important to him. That’s why Sean has owned three VMI vans.

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Coming out to Arizona I really like to be outdoors and experience all the different things to do. I know when I was first injured and in the hospital, I knew I didn’t want to be bed-ridden and institutionalized. I wanted to be out and get back into life and live life like I’d lived before. The VMI Advantage affected my life in a number of ways. My little small world became much larger. Places where I thought were on the other end of the Earth were really only around the corner. So, it really added to my independence. I have a better relationship with my kids. I’m not stuck at home. I can bring them to practice. I can come out here. We like to do a lot of outdoor activities. So, having a vehicle that you can get in and drive and go around and get yourself to wherever you want to go was really important. My name is Sean Kelly and I’ve owned 3 VMI vans.

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