VMI is different because we listen to our customers. We know what is most important to wheelchair users and caregivers because we ask. While nearly every wheelchair user and caregiver has a unique set of challenges, they all want a wheelchair-accessible vehicle that is easy-to-use, dependable and supported by caring individuals in their local area. VMI has built its business around these core needs.

  • Reliability


    VMI understands that reliability is absolutely critical to wheelchair users and caregivers. Learn More
  • Ease of Use

    Easy to use Wheelchair Van

    VMI is committed to making the easiest-to-use wheelchair vans in the mobility industry. Learn More
  • Dealer Network

    VMI Dealer Network

    Your VMI experience is about more than just the purchase of wheelchair-accessible vans and mobility products. Learn More
  • How It’s Built

    VMI has developed a state-of-the-art mobility van conversion facility featuring the latest in assembly-line technology and CAD software. Watch Video

About VMI

As one of the largest manufacturers of wheelchair van conversions, we take great pride in building leading-edge mobility products that meet the needs of our customers. With a genuine care for the disabled community as our driving force, we have been constantly innovating and working to improve our products and our service throughout our long history.

Where We Came From

VMI was created in response to a need. As a pioneer in the mobility vehicle industry, VMI began when its original founders were challenged to build a better handicap-accessible vehicle for a close family friend. Looking to find a more convenient and simple solution than the traditional mobility lift, our founders took an Oldsmobile Toronado and created easier access by dropping the floor and installing a wheelchair ramp system. This endeavor was so successful, they later applied this innovative technology to a Chrysler minivan, and officially introduced the first wheelchair-accessible minivan in 1987.

How We Do It

While many manufacturers are driven by their bottom line, we are extremely customer-focused. Through more than 25 years of experience in the mobility industry, we have learned that listening to our customers is the best way to innovate. By letting our customers shape our products and service, we know exactly where there is a need and how to meet it. This helps us to constantly improve our processes and products and provide reliable, easy-to-use mobility solutions that transform lives.

What Drives Us

At VMI, we strive to transform the lives of our customers, foster employee growth and drive results for our business partners. Our five core values provide a foundation for everything we do and every member of our team works to truly make a difference in the world.

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