Wheelchair users face many challenges — vehicle reliability should not be one of them.

VMI understands that reliability is absolutely critical to wheelchair users and caregivers. If our customers couldn’t get where they needed to go, every time they needed to, it would greatly impact their quality of life.

In 2008, VMI began implementing a quality program called Lean-Six, a combination of Lean and Six Sigma principles made famous in books like “The Toyota Way.” Today, Lean-Six is a way of life at VMI. Our wheelchair-van conversions have defect and warranty rates on-par with those of Honda and Chrysler minivans. However, at VMI, we know quality is not a destination. Our commitment to Lean-Six means VMI is continuously improving — and VMI customers are the ones who benefit.

Reliability is evident in every VMI conversion van, from the durable ramp systems to the E-coated, corrosion-resistant flooring. Our experienced engineers use the highest-quality materials and the most innovative techniques to create products that offer style, safety and dependability. With backup systems in place that allow manual operation of our fully auto-powered ramps in the event of a vehicle power loss, you can count on consistent access.

When it comes to your experience with VMI, you get reliable service backed by a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty. We always go above and beyond what is expected and thanks to our nationwide dealer network that puts service and sales nearby, our customers are never left stranded.

  • Ease of Use

    Easy to use Wheelchair Van

    VMI is committed to making the easiest-to-use wheelchair vans in the mobility industry.

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    VMI Dealer Network

    Your VMI experience is about more than just the purchase of wheelchair-accessible vans and mobility products.

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  • Why VMI

    VMI is different because we listen to our customers. We know what is most important to wheelchair users and caregivers because we ask.

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