Benefits of Owning a Wheelchair Accessible Car or Vehicle

Benefits of Wheelchair Accessbile Cars

Wheelchair-accessible cars vehicles provide greater mobility for both wheelchair users and their caregivers. From getting to the grocery store to going to doctor appointments, a mobility vehicle can get you where you need to go – whether you need to accommodate a manual or power wheelchair.

Many people struggle with the idea of buying a wheelchair-accessible car vehicle because it usually has a high cost and may not be as fun to drive. But owning a wheelchair-accessible vehicle comes with several benefits, such as:

  • Less Pain: Wheelchair-accessible vehicles usually don’t require you to transfer from wheelchair to car seat. This prevents unnecessary pressure on the shoulders (if the wheelchair user is doing his own transfer) or the back (if the move is being done by a caregiver).
  • Saved Time: Getting a wheelchair user into a car vehicle with a ramp or lift system is usually easier and more efficient than trying to get both the user and chair into a vehicle separately.
  • More Freedom: If you can drive, a mobility vehicle allows you to get where you need to go and do what you need to do without requiring too much assistance. It also makes the job of a caregiver simpler, which means wheelchair users can be taken almost anywhere.
  • Possible Financing: While mobility vans may cost more than standard vehicles, there are programs available from the government or other groups for those in certain situations or with certain disorders. If you can’t find assistance, many dealers will offer wheelchair-accessible vehicles as rentals for much less, so you can rent them as you need them.

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