Wheelchair Van Funding

Financing Options

Financing is the most common route customers take to pay for their wheelchair van. Some banks offer longer loan terms on wheelchair-accessible vehicles to reduce monthly payments for customers. 

Whatever funding route you take, it’s worth exploring financing options with your dealer to figure out which financial solution will be best for you.

Operation Independence™

Vantage Mobility offers an exclusive rebate program dedicated to Veterans and first responders in the amount of $1,000 when purchasing a brand-new wheelchair van.

Be sure to mention this rebate to your dealer, or tell our shopping support experts that you’re a Veteran so we can ensure you get this rebate.

Help Hope Live

Raise funds for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle together with Help Hope Live, a nonprofit organization, that helps you start and promote a fundraiser.

When the raised funds are used to purchase a new Vantage Mobility van, we’ll contribute $1,000 ourselves to the amount.