Our Unique Features

The practical, day-to-day benefits that our customers love.

Quality & Innovation

Delivering Excellence You Can Feel

Experience the Vantage Mobility promise of unmatched quality in every detail of your wheelchair van. Our meticulous attention to design, enduring materials, and top-tier manufacturing processes set us apart in the industry. From the reliability of our unique features to the overall durability of our vans, we’re committed to delivering excellence you can feel. Explore with confidence, knowing that quality isn’t just a feature—it’s the cornerstone of the Vantage Mobility experience.


Rain or Shine – Let Nothing Stop You.

Only with Toyota Sienna Conversions. With a VMI Toyota Sienna Northstar®, even bad weather can’t hold you back. Venture with confidence, knowing you’ll make every special event, crucial appointment, and memorable outing. Go where you need to go – driving through every season with ease.

Interchangeable Front Seats

Partner, Take the Wheel.

Swap, drive, and relax on the go. Effortlessly switch roles with your travel partner, taking turns at the wheel while leaving constraints (and the other seat) in the rearview mirror. Redefine road trip freedom and embrace the journey – and driving – together.


Move Boundlessly, Inside and Out.

Having Access360 means enjoying unparalleled interior space without sacrificing the features you love – so you can explore the world with comfort and ease. Go ahead, do a 360° spin and enjoy it for yourself.


Rubber Flooring

Designed to endure your countless journeys and thousands of 360° turns, Durafloor™ is a perfect companion to the adventures ahead. Effortless to clean and maintain, you can focus on what matters more: embracing your limitless potential and enjoying the open road. Durafloor™ will remain your reliable and stylish companion through every twist and turn.

In-Floor Ramp

The Industry’s #1 In-Floor Ramp

With an in-floor ramp, it’s there when you need it, and out of the way when you don’t. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who will be riding with wheelchair users and ambulatory passengers alike. With the ramp stored under the floor when not in use, also enjoy more usable interior space compared to fold-up ramps, which take up space when folded in.

7 Year Rust Warranty

Only The Best Materials

Better Rust Warranty for The Mile, After Mile, After Mile Ahead. Every new VMI Wheelchair van conversion is backed by the industry’s longest rust-through warranty – 7 years for infinite miles. Embrace the road ahead, knowing that your VMI accessible van is built to last – not to become a rust bucket.


Ramp Assist

Ramp Back Up

Enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing you’ll always be able to deploy your in-floor Northstar ramp. Ramp Assist is an independent ramp backup that can deploy your ramp in the event of a dead battery or other disruption of power – keeping you in control.

LED Lighting

Illuminate Your Journey

Added Interior LED Lighting. Maneuvering, restraint securement, and managing your belongings becomes easier with proper lighting. Purposefully placed, each LED illuminates and elevates every moment spent within your VMI wheelchair van.



Automatic Suspension Lowering

Enter and exit your Northstar effortlessly, thanks to the lowered ramp angle from automatically lowering suspension. Curb parking becomes easier than ever with the option to toggle PowerKneel off, which deploys the ramp onto the curb.