At VMI, we truly pride ourselves in working with the most talented, charismatic and compassionate employees in the industry. We’re in the business of changing lives and we’re convinced the best results come from a team of passionate individuals willing to learn and grow together to meet the special needs of our incredible customers.

We Define Industry Standards

We operate within Lean Six Sigma Certification standards, meaning our employees undergo ongoing training and cross departmental communication to ensure we operate at our utmost capacity. VMI values employee feedback at every stage of our process as clearer insights and employees with a voice yield the industry’s best mobility vehicles.

As our products evolve, so too should our employees. We’re committed to professional growth and individual careers. As such, VMI is a major advocate of employee promotion and acquiring new skills. You may enter our workforce with the hope of changing others’ lives, only to find you’ve grown all the while! We’ll help you measure your skills and options and rally to find the best fit for your talent and creativity.

  • A Culture of Passion

    A Culture of Passion

    From the production line to marketing and sales, VMI is full of passionate employees. Watch Video

  • A Community of Kindness

    A Community of Kindness

    VMI has a focus on its people and works from the heart. Watch Video

  • A Place to Succeed

    A Place to Succeed

    VMI values employee growth and satisfaction.  Watch Video

  • Made in Arizona

    Made in Arizona

    VMI is in the news! Check out this cool story by the local Fox News, showcasing what we do here at VMI.  Watch Video

One Team, One JourneyTM: Join Our Family

We’ve found that the best way to imagine possibilities for our customers is for every employee to stand with us in our proclamation of “One Team, One Journey”. No matter the department, we see every branch of VMI as one big family. We celebrate the victories of individuals, recognize the strength of teams and unite to serve our community of customers and dealers.

We Have Options

From engineers and sales professionals, to veteran advocates, human resources and beyond, we’re in the market to hire an array of skilled individuals. We’ve got options at VMI. If your integrity, energy and passion in the workplace is contagious, chances are we’ve got just the role for you!

What Drives Us

At VMI, we strive to transform the lives of our customers, foster employee growth and drive results for our business partners. Our five core values provide a foundation for everything we do and every member of our team works to truly make a difference in the world.

Click the image to the right to view our core value pyramid and see how VMI empowers lives.

So what’s stopping you? Join the VMI family today.
VMI is an equal opportunity employer