Why Vantage Mobility?

Commited to Quality

Manufacturing High Quality Products

Experience the Vantage Mobility commitment of unmatched quality in every detail of your wheelchair van. Our meticulous attention to design, enduring materials, and top-tier manufacturing processes set us apart in the industry. From the reliability of our unique features to the overall durability of our vans, we’re committed to delivering excellence you can feel. Explore with confidence, knowing that quality isn’t just a feature—it’s the cornerstone of the Vantage Mobility experience.

Official Partner. Consistent Experience.

As one of only two official conversion partners of Toyota, Vantage Mobility undergoes rigorous process audits to ensure we meet Toyota’s high-quality standards. Because of this, Vantage Mobility customers receive ToyotaCare (2 years or 25k miles of free maintenance at Toyota Dealerships) and our conversion process doesn’t void the original 3yr/36,000 mile original limited warranty.

NMEDA Manufacturer Quality Assurance Program

All Vantage Mobility products meet NMEDA (National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association) quality assurance standards which requires crash testing and ample support resources, which otherwise would be optional and many wheelchair van manufacturers choose to forego, but not us!

Speak to Our Specialists

A team of experts is ready to answer any questions you have or offer low pressure shopping or service support. 

Commited to Innovation

Turning Possibilities Into Capabilities

At Vantage Mobility, innovation always starts with our customers. We’re committed to solving the real-world mobility challenges that they face every day. This customer-centricity has driven us to file several patents—many of which were game-changing breakthroughs like developing the first-ever all-wheel-drive wheelchair accessible minivan with the Toyota Sienna Hybrid. We frequently ask customers for feedback, which in turn fuels to improve current products and develop new products.

Feedback, Ideas, or Experiences?

Do you have feedback about our products? Have you experienced something about our products that you would like to share with us? We are very open minded to critique and have always valued the opinions of those that use our products on the daily basis. Please feel free to send us your ideas, improvements ideas and/or share your experiences with our products to help us continue to innovate the quality we strive for.

Pioneering Quality Mobility Solutions For 40+ Years


Innovated the first-ever lowered-floor, side-entry accessible vehicle because of a friend in need.


Innovated the first-ever in-floor ramp system that quickly became an industry favorite for it’s clean look and functionality.


Innovated the first real solution to ramps getting blocked while away from your van. This audible alert let’s people know they’re blocking access to your van.


Innovated the first and only all-wheel drive accessible minivan on the market, providing more traction, control, and possibilities to our customers.

Other Certifications and Memberships

VA FSS Contract

Member since 1990

Member since 1999

100% Crash Tested

ADA Compliant