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Resolve to Finance a Wheelchair Van

Posted in: Culture & Lifestyle

Family pushes woman in wheelchair.

If you’re a caregiver or independent wheelchair user it may be time to resolve to finance a wheelchair van.

It seems this time of year many people are making all kinds of personal resolutions, so why not consider an experience that can save you time and give you freedom? Why not make a resolution to purchase a reliable piece of technology that will empower your loved ones and the family as a whole?

What’s that you say? Oh, money is tight and buying a brand new vehicle seems out of reach.

The key to a successful resolution is assessing your current state, making a plan, having fun and seeing things through. It’s no different when resolving to finance a new wheelchair van.

Eliminate Accessory Costs

The challenge with not owning a reliable mobility vehicle — or ¬†coordinating shuttle services — is that things begin to add up. Lugging a wheelchair in and out of a personal vehicle without a ramp system can ding up the interior, leading to undesired repair costs. Scheduling transportation with an outside shuttle service means sacrificing your optimal plans for their hourly rates. Waiting on the shuttle to pick you back up costs you time.

Maybe you bought a used van and figured you might save money setting up a ramp conversion or side-entry conversion yourself. Used cars typically get poor gas mileage and require lots of upkeep. Not to mention you’ll probably take on a loan for the initial purchase of the van and an additional loan for the conversion costs.

There’s got to be a better way.

VMI Empowers Its Consumers

With a fleet of models to choose from, VMI offers reliable wheelchair vans that truly compete with the price of most used vehicles. This isn’t some smoke and mirrors approach. The Northstar E for instance, was created with a manual ramp system to minimize production costs while maintaining maximum function at a better price for consumers.

And having partnered with Bank of America for awesome finance options, VMI allows its customers to lump the vehicle and conversion costs into one loan for simplified transparency,  lower rates and a better experience. Throw in end of the year rebates and seasonal promotions, and the price drops even lower.

Things really get interesting for veterans as we offer additional grants and programs to those who’ve served.

Let’s not forget that reliability and safety are invaluable. Beyond the stellar functionality of the vans — keeping the needs of our customers at the forefront of design — VMI prides itself in the Select Dealer Network which offers 24-7 emergency help hotlines and skilled technicians ready around the clock and around the country. No more second guessing the secondhand mechanic around the block or tossing hard earned pennies down the money hole.

Buying new saves you the eternal angst of piloting a used vehicle from a stranger.

Make the Choice

So weigh things out. Take an honest look at where your dollars crawl off to while you’re putting off a wheelchair van purchase. Address the monthly car payments and repairs for a used vehicle that never kept your needs in mind. Reclaim the bills that are stacking up from the shuttle service. Reign in your time and your confidence that you can operate independent of carpools and accessory costs.

Buying a VMI van is more than buying a vehicle. We’re in the business of transforming lives and that means working with you to find a financing solution to the freedom you deserve in a VMI van.