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VMI Wants Customers to Imagine Possibilities with Innovative New Website

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VMI, a leader in the manufacture and distribution of wheelchair accessible vans and lifts, announced today the launch of its state-of-the-art, interactive website designed to bring the excitement and freedom of owning a wheelchair minivan to users worldwide.  VMI will introduce the new website this weekend as part of its year-long brand refresh campaign designed to reflect VMI as a contemporary, tech-savvy and compassionate company.

“Through our new website, we’re better able to communicate the latest products and trends with our dealers and customers,” said Doug Eaton, president of VMI.  “We’re not just a mobility company; we help people live life to the fullest.  Our customers have the freedom to travel anywhere, without the hassle of transporting their wheelchairs to and from an event or activity.  We want everyone to imagine all the possibilities when purchasing one of our wheelchair conversion vans.  It’s not just a product we’re offering; it’s a way of life.”

The website provides many new options, including a section to educate first-time buyers on the different wheelchair conversions available in the market. Customers can view VMI’s inventory listing where they can choose different makes, models, years and colors, and request a price quote from a local VMI dealer.  VMI is adding a fun, interactive “Build-A-Van” section where people can build their own VMI wheelchair van and also receive a quote from a dealer.

“Our new site is clean, fresh and very powerful,” explained Monique McGivney, marketing manager for VMI.  “Through each of our changes, we’re keeping up with the needs of today’s ‘tech-savvy’ buyers.  From our robust product sections to the community page and daily VMI news updates, this site will help people choose the right product for their needs in a helpful atmosphere.”

The community section allows constant interaction between VMI and customers through blogs, news, social media tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, and offers informative resources for wheelchair-users.  An extensive product division is also a part of the new site and currently features the 2011 Honda Odyssey wheelchair van and the recently launched Fiorella F500 platform lift.

As part of the new website, we want to introduce our latest products as they become available,” said McGivney.  “Despite the tsunami’s effect on Japanese automotive manufacturers, the 2011 Honda allocations are better than anticipated.  Through this website, consumers can check out our newly updated 2011 Honda Odyssey Northstar and Summit conversions that are continually being delivered to dealers nationwide.  We hope customers are just as pleased with the new model year Hondas as we are.”

VMI encourages all customers to check out the latest updates to the website by logging on to www.vantagemobility.com.  Those wanting to learn more about VMI and its products can call 800-348-8267.

“We want wheelchair-users to understand that they can have the freedom to do whatever they want,” added Eaton.  “Our vans will get them there.”