A Community of Caregivers

Do countless daily responsibilities and concerns for your loved one have you feeling all alone? Do logistics and limitations have you longing for easier options and better care? Do you wish someone out there could lend a hand?

VMI recognizes that nearly a third of the US population is caregivers. And we believe you and your loved one deserve an unparalleled quality of life. We aim to empower the community of caregivers with inspiration, ingenuity and inventory that deliver just that. No more physical strain and financial strife. Sure, our products streamline everyday tasks and transport needs, but they ultimately reclaim a life of mobility.

Imagine a community with options instead of constraints, convenience rather than complexity and transport solutions that work on your timing, without the physical demands; Imagine Possibilities with VMI.

We hear you.

  • The Logistics are Dizzying


    On average, caregivers spend 20.4 hours per week assisting, advocating, medicating, cooking for, counseling and transporting your loved one. People don’t often realize how fast a common task can become overwhelming. How many moves and lifts does it take to finish a shower? When does the shuttle arrive? Where is that appointment? Independent, timely solutions become your saving grace because with so many logistics, limitations are not an option.

  • Nickel and Dimed


    Premium services bear unreasonable prices and loan options are typically laughable. Why entertain a solution that would leave you more strapped than before? You’d like to count possibilities instead of pennies and you’re not looking for all the bells and whistles. You want reliability at a respectful price.

  • Stress and Strain


    You’ve made sacrifices along the way. Caregiving has its physical toil but you’re committed to keeping your loved one safe. Some days you’re denied the luxury of managing your own stress and the world feels a whole lot heavier. And most times, it’s a grind to find easy activities and venues to share with your loved one. If only you could call the shots and navigate the world on your time.

Introducing the VMI Northstar E Conversions for Caregivers

Simplified solutions at affordable prices for quality caregiving

VMI Northstar ETM

caregivers dodge nse

To learn more about the Northstar E and explore its great features, click here.

VMI Northstar E360TM

caregivers toyota nse360

To learn more about the Northstar E360 and explore its great features, click here.