Meet Mobility Van Owner Courtney Barbour

Courtney Barbour can go out more and enjoy life without always being cooped up inside the house. She likes to play power soccer and go fishing, and with a VMI van, she can do the things she likes to do. Going out in the rain and going to the store are possible, plus she can do things with her family that she couldn’t do before. Having a VMI van has been a very big help to Courtney and has allowed her to achieve greater independence. If you ask her, she will tell you she loves her VMI mobility vehicle — and being able to ride up front with her mom.

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I’m Courtney Barber, I’m 22 and I’m a VMI van owner. It changed what I can go out more and I can just enjoy life and not be cooped up in the house anymore. And I like to play power soccer and go fishing. I’ve been able to go out in the rain and I’ve been able to go out to the store and just be more independent and be able just to load me up in my chair without transferring, just enjoy doing stuff with my family that I couldn’t do before. I love it. I love it that it only takes 5 minutes to load and 5 minutes to get in and get out and ride in front with my mom. It’s been a big, big help.

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