Logo & Brand Guide

The Vantage Mobility logo is the cornerstone of our brand’s visual identity, encapsulating our values and character. It ensures quick recognition and sets us apart from competitors. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain consistency in using our logo according to our brand standards.

Brand Kit

Download our brand kit, which includes our primary logo, all approved variations in color and layout and our brand guide. Please use our logo respectfully, preserving the integrity and appearance that represent Vantage Mobility. Any use of our logo must be approved by Vantage Mobility beforehand. Please email info@vantagemobility.com for logo use approvals.

Vantage Blue

Hex      #002c5f
RGB      0, 44, 95
CMYK  100, 89, 34, 28
PMS     648 C

Vantage Sky

Hex      #0080C6
RGB      0, 128, 198
CMYK  90, 40, 0, 0
PMS     Process Blue C

Vantage Gold

Hex      #E1B325
RGB      225, 179, 37
CMYK  13, 28, 100, 0
PMS     7409 C