Side entry minivans

VMI offers in-floor and fold-out ramp conversions on the following wheelchair-adapted conversions. Not sure which van will work for you? Use our selection tools to find the right van or get in touch with our Customer Advocate Center.

Chrysler Pacifica

VMI’s Chrysler Pacifica is available with the Access360™ in-floor ramp system. The Access360™ conversion provides the most space of any modified minivan on the market.

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Toyota Sienna

VMI’s Toyota Sienna comes with the Northstar Access360™ in-floor, Summit Access360™ fold-out or Northstar E360™ manual in-floor ramp system. Both of the Access360™ and the E360™ conversions provide the most space of any modified minivan on the market.

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Honda Odyssey

VMI’s Honda Odyssey is available with the Northstar™ in-floor or Summit™ fold-out ramp system. VMI’s Honda Odyssey conversions offer a roomy interior and stylish features that fully-integrate with the factory design.

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Dodge Grand Caravan

VMI’s Dodge Grand Caravan can be converted with the Northstar™ in-floor, Summit™ fold-out or Northstar E™ manual in-floor ramp systems. VMI’s Dodge Grand Caravan conversions are available for every user at more affordable prices.

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