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Vantage Mobility International is a purveyor or possibilities for customers with special needs and unique disabilities. Our mobility vehicles combine innovative technologies and reliable process to achieve personal freedom and independence for wheelchair users, their families, caregivers and disabled veterans in need.

VMI mobility cars incorporate special wheelchair ramp systems that simplify the challenges of loading and unloading wheelchairs so transportation is no longer a limitation. From automated ramps to manual systems, VMI mobility vehicles are designed with user needs at the forefront. Our mobility cars feature incredible safety ratings, flexible seating arrangements, aftermarket customizations and competitive pricing.

We take great pride in coming alongside our customers to imagine possibilities for the road ahead. We believe that life presents us all with a set of unique challenges but transportation should never be one of them. We’ll do everything in our means to empower you personal freedom and mobility!

Contact one of our Brand Experts or Veteran Advocates today to learn more about our mobility vehicle models and financing options. They’ll guide you through vehicle parameters and specifications to ensure our mobility car includes features and functionality appropriate to your needs.

Contact VMI today to learn more about our amazing fleet of mobility vehicles!