Wheelchair Cars by Vantage Mobility International

VMI Honda Odyssey

VMI Dodge Grand Caravan

VMI Chrysler Pacifica

VMI Toyota Sienna

Have the stresses and complications of loading and unloading a wheelchair limited your personal mobility? Has your wheelchair outgrown the family car or taken a toll on the interior? Are you concerned all the lifts are wearing out your back?

Vantage Mobility International is a pioneer of wheelchair accessible vans and wheelchair cars designed specifically for these needs. Our wheelchair cars feature brilliant power and manual ramp systems that simplify transportation.

We approach every customer ready to learn about their unique situation and familial needs and are eager to empower your personal independence and mobility. VMI is founded on the principle “Imagine Possibilities”, and that’s precisely what we do each and every day.

From our family of talented engineers to our fleet of wheelchair cars, VMI is dedicated to imagining possibilities for your road ahead.

Feel free to contact one of our Brand Experts today to learn about our different wheelchair accessible cars and finance options. We even have Veteran Advocates who can guide those who’ve served.

Mobility doesn’t have to limit your family any longer.

Contact VMI today!