Full-Size Wheelchair Vans

Full-size wheelchair vans from VMI come complete with safety, convenience and value. They help get you where you want to go, whenever you want to get there. Whatever floor, roof and door options you choose, rest assured you will have the best full-size wheelchair-accessible van on the road today.

Interior Options

VMI makes an interior option for any taste, whether seeking the best value or a fully-loaded, luxury full-size van.

  • Classic

    Classic Interior Options in Full Size Wheelchair Vans

    With standard features such as lighted visors with mirrors, soft-touch window ledges with extra-large cup holders, infinity lighting and adjustable mid-captain chairs, the Classic offers practical luxury.
  • E-Plus

    VMI E-Plus Full Size Mobility Van

    The VMI E-Plus full-size mobility van blends economy and style with standard features such as walnut window ledges with extra-large cup holders, color-matched sun visors and indirect LED lighting.
  • Club

    Club Conversion in Full Size Wheelchair Vans

    The Club conversion offers the practical, budget-conscious buyer all the basic essentials with standard factory features and modifications for full wheelchair-accessibility.

Structural Options

VMI offers raised-roof vans and full-size vans with other structural modification options to provide extra comfort and easier access, even for larger power chairs.

  • Raised Roof & Doors

    Raised Roof & Doors in Full Size Wheelchair Vans

    A raised roof van with raised doors has more vertical space inside the vehicle and provides greater clearance in the doorway for smooth and safe entry and exit.
  • Lowered Floor

    Lowered Floor in Full Size Wheelchair Vans

    VMI full-size vans offer a lowered floor option to give wheelchair users in large power chairs a better line of sight and extra headroom upon entry and within the interior of the vehicle.