Veteran Programs

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As the premier manufacturer of wheelchair-accessible vans, VMI can help veterans achieve independence and greater access to life. By working closely with veterans to assess individual mobility needs, our specially-trained veteran advocates can provide education on the mobility benefits and disability grants that could make owning a mobility vehicle possible.

The following grants and programs are available to veterans and may help to reduce the out-of-pocket expense when purchasing a mobility vehicle.

Auto Allowance Grant

Eligible veterans can receive $19,817 to use toward the purchase of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. The grant must be approved by the VA and gets paid directly to the seller of the vehicle.

Automobile Adaptive Equipment Program

Eligible veterans can receive equipment and training to help with entry, exit, and/or operation of a motor vehicle. Qualifying equipment includes platform wheelchair lifts, lowered floors, raised roofs and doors, power door openers, hand controls, and kneeling, braking, and digital driving systems.

Non-Service-Connected Van Modifications Program

Eligible veterans can receive non-operational equipment to aid in the entry and exit of a van. Equipment is not issued under the Automobile Adaptive Equipment Program because it is categorized as medical.

Contact VMI to speak with one of our veteran advocates and learn more about how you can realize greater mobility and freedom through a wheelchair-accessible van.