Wheelchair-Accessible Minivans

With a variety of new and used wheelchair-adapted vehicles available, VMI can accommodate almost any wheelchair user. Each one of our wheelchair-accessible vehicles offers flexibility, interior space and reliability. Whether you want more room, style, entertainment features or just a great value, one of our VMI handicap-accessible minivans can provide it.

VMI offers in-floor and fold-out ramp conversions on the following wheelchair-adapted vehicles:

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  • Toyota Sienna

    Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Vans

    VMI’s Toyota Sienna comes with the Northstar Access360™ in-floor, Summit Access360™ fold-out or Northstar E360™ manual in-floor ramp system. Both of the Access360™ and the E360™ conversions provide the most space of any modified minivan on the market.

  • Honda Odyssey

    Honda Odyssey Wheelchair Vans

    VMI’s Honda Odyssey is available with the Northstar™ in-floor or Summit™ fold-out ramp system. The Honda wheelchair vans from VMI offer a roomy interior and stylish features that fully-integrate with the factory design.

  • Chrysler Town & Country

    Chrysler Town & Country Wheelchair Vans

    VMI’s Chrysler Town & Country minivans can be purchased with the Northstar™ in-floor or Summit™ fold-out ramp systems. With a Chrysler wheelchair van from VMI, you get a pleasant ride with your favorite factory navigation and entertainment options.

  • Dodge Grand Caravan

    Dodge Grand Caravan Wheelchair Vans

    VMI’s Dodge Grand Caravan can be converted with the Northstar™ in-floor, Summit™ fold-out or Northstar E™ manual in-floor ramp systems. The Dodge wheelchair vans from VMI have ramp options for every user at more affordable prices.

We can custom-build wheelchair cars & vans to cater to your specific needs. See what wheelchair vans we already have in stock by checking our inventory.