Insurance for Wheelchair Vans: Vantage Mobility International, Inc.
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Insurance for Wheelchair Vans

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I get this question frequently from customers who are in the market for wheelchair vans“How do you get insurance for an accessible van?  I’ve called a bunch of companies and they all tell me that they don’t cover the wheelchair conversion, just the vehicle.  Can you help me out?”

Honda Odyssey with a VMI Conversion

Honda Odyssey with a VMI Conversion

I’m not surprised to hear the insurance companies telling you that they don’t cover the wheelchair conversions of the vehicle.  I only say that because we represent such a small market segment that many insurance companies have never heard of a wheelchair van and don’t know how to code it or how to handle it.  What I recommend it so contact your insurance company and ask to get a rider.  An insurance rider provides additional coverage for something specifically not covered with a primary policy. The rider is added to the primary policy and the policyholder pays an extra amount to cover the rider.