Twice a month, I volunteer for an organization called KEEN (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now).  KEEN is a national, nonprofit volunteer-led organization that provides one-to-one recreational opportunities for children and young adults with mental and physical disabilities at no cost to their families and caregivers.

Last Sunday, us KEEN volunteers took advantage of the beautiful day in Phoenix and took the kids to a Boundless Playground.  I was in awe of this facility and what it had to offer to children with disabilities.   At KEEN, there are children with all levels of disabilities; from slight Autism to children in wheelchairs with severe Cerebral Palsy.  This playground filled the senses of all the kids’ wide variety of disabilities and it was wonderful to see them playing just like I did at playgrounds when I was a kid.

Boundless Playground in Phoenix

Boundless Playground in Phoenix

Here are just some of the wonderful features of the playground:

  • Ramped wheelchair access to the highest platform center
  • Universally accessible pathways and surfacing
  • Activity transfers that maximize accessibility
  • Play structures that support child development
  • Swings and equipment with back support
  • Elevated sand tables and activity panels
  • Activities for the hearing and visually impaired

When I got home, I did a little research on Boundless Playground and where other facilities are located.  To my amazement, there are more than 214 Boundless playgrounds open in 34 states and two Canadian provinces.   To get a full listing of Boundless Playgrounds around the country, you can go to their Website at or contact them at 860.231.6351. 

Boundless Playgrounds’ mission is to build truly inclusive playgrounds where children — and adults — of all abilities can play and learn together in a fun and welcoming environment.   Their vision is to create a world where ALL children have the opportunity to gain the developmental and health benefits derived from unstructured play in an inclusive environment.