Shopping for a wheelchair van can be a confusing and long process, especially if you don’t know what to look for. All wheelchair-accessible vehicles are different and there are several features to consider before making such a large purchase. Think about things like your preferred make and model, how much space you need, whether you will be the driver or passenger, and, most importantly, what type of ramp system you want.

There are two basic wheelchair ramps for vans – in-floor and fold-out ramps. In-floor ramps, like VMI’s Northstar, store under the floor when not in use for added safety inside of the vehicle. Fold-out wheelchair ramps, such as the AMS Vans Legend II, are stowed within the vehicle and extend outward when deployed.

Each van wheelchair ramp has its own benefits and can accommodate users of different sizes with different types of wheelchairs. Benefits of the fully-powered Northstar in-floor wheelchair ramps include:

  • An obstacle-free doorway for safe entry and exit
  • More open space to maneuver inside of the minivan
  • Cleaner interior free of dirt and debris
  • Accommodating high capacity and width

While the Northstar wheelchair ramp system is convenient for almost any wheelchair user, the Summit wheelchair ramps offer other helpful benefits, such as:

  • A great value at an affordable price
  • Easier navigation because of high side rails
  • Corrosion-resistant strength and durability
  • A manual deployment option for reliable access

Although each of these van wheelchair ramps provides users unique perks, both are great options and can increase independence through better mobility. If you need help deciding which wheelchair ramp would be right for you, contact a VMI customer advocate today.