Whether it’s a lifestyle blog post or breaking news, not a day goes by without the disabled community producing impressive content. Keep reading for disability news, inspiring websites, and other interesting content you should be following.

For the Latest in Disability News

People with disabilities do awesome things every day. As the disabled community’s leaders continue to push the envelope, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest disability news.

Disability Horizons covers a wide spectrum of content for people with disabilities. They cover topics like culture, employment, relationships, and travel in addition to news and politics. They’re a one-stop shop for disabled lifestyle content. A lot of the content is oriented around answering questions, so there’s a good chance someone else’s solution may answer one of your questions.

Disability Scoop is one of the best websites to visit for developmental disability content. They report news and events that involve a person with disabilities. Every now and then, there’s commentary on when the entertainment world pushes the envelope with representation on TV shows or movies. They also have a great Facebook page. This is a premium website, but visitors have access to 5 free articles a month.

For Inspiration & Lifestyle

Websites that allow users to contribute content are a great place to share your ideas or discover like-minded people. Most of these sites are fairly well-organized, so finding content specifically for people with disabilities is as easy as running a website search.

The Mighty is a website (and great Facebook page) that provides thought leadership with the perspective of a person with disabilities. Most of the topics are health- or disability-related, but there are also topics that cover parenting and lifestyle content too. They cover topics that range from 7 Beauty Instagrammers with Disabilities You Should Be Following to thought leadership on disability as a whole.

BuzzFeed is a great source of content that’s both interesting and shareable. It’s worth perusing the disability and wheelchair tags every once in a while to discover great reads. Their articles range anywhere from political statements to humor.  

In that same vein, Thought Catalog also has content that people with disabilities may relate to. The topics are typically about dating, society, and perception. Many of the articles in the wheelchair tag are written by people with disabilities as well.

For Trading Used Equipment

Growing children will eventually need new adaptive equipment. You may eventually want to upgrade from a manual wheelchair to a power wheelchair. When it’s time to replace the wheelchair, consider if your old equipment is still usable. If it’s worn in, but well-loved, it may find a home with another person with disabilities.

A Special Needs Swap Meet is used help people with disabilities buy or sell adaptive equipment. From a buying perspective, Facebook groups like this are best used for discovering equipment you may be in the market for but for a discounted rate. From a seller’s perspective, this group is useful for selling any equipment you may have bought for special uses that you no longer need. This can include anything from racing wheelchairs to SCUBA gear. Before attending a swap meet, ensure everything is properly cleaned and ready to impress.

If attending a swap meet isn’t possible, consider joining a Special Needs Equipment Sales group. This takes the attendance out of the equation to help coordinate deals online.

For Parents & Caregivers

For parents or caregivers of people with disabilities, there are many resources available to connect like-minded supporters of people with disabilities.

Love That Max is a blog that was initially started to tell the amazing story of Max and his mother.

Almost all of its best content cover tough topics that many mothers of children with special needs can relate to. It has grown to be a popular blog that now has a heartwarming Facebook page, curation posts that link to other similar blogs, and a long list of partners and awards.

Singing Through the Rain offers an interesting perspective. As the wife of someone in the military and a mother of two special needs children, she is able to create content that many people in the disabled community may find useful or inspirational. She covers topics that range from special needs parenting, military life, and even recipes. One of her most popular posts lists groups for special needs families that’s worth exploring.

For Veterans

For veterans with disabilities, there’s no community stronger than the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). It’s part of their mission to help veterans transition and recover after an incident that caused a disability. Whether you are newly injured or have been on the path to recovery for a while, WWP will help connect you to a welcoming community. WWP has resources for:

  • Mental health support
  • Physical health support
  • Career counseling
  • VA Benefits counseling alongside VSOs
  • Connection events, like sporting events and hunting trips

Register here to join a truly empowering community of like-minded veterans with disabilities.

What are your favorite online resources and communities?