VMI was created in response to a need. As a pioneer in the mobility vehicle industry, VMI began when its original founders were challenged to build a better handicap-accessible vehicle for a close family friend. Looking to find a more convenient and simple solution than the traditional mobility lift, our founders took an Oldsmobile Toronado and created easier access by dropping the floor and installing a wheelchair ramp system. This endeavor was so successful, they later applied this innovative technology to a Chrysler minivan, and officially introduced the first wheelchair-accessible minivan in 1987.

Timothy J. Barone is the chief executive officer at Vantage Mobility International, a company that converts vehicles for drivers and passengers who use wheelchairs. He will be receiving a national award in April from the Military Officers Association of America. In March, he oversaw delivery of the company’s first SUV conversion vehicle. This year, VMI will sponsor the National Rugby Wheelchair Nationals and the Warrior Games for veterans.

Timothy started his career with VMI in 1997 and has held the roles of chief financial officer, chief operating officer and Vice President of Sales before assuming his current position as CEO. With 43 years of experience in the financial industry, Timothy has acquired skills in every facet of business with both Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurial entities. Before joining the team at VMI, Timothy worked as a chief financial officer for Illy Caffe, an Italian coffee company, was a senior controller for the Dial Corporation and had a 14-year career with Mobil Oil with its Chemical Division. During his career at Mobil, Timothy gained a vast amount of business experience while at various times leading the accounting, planning, treasury, sales and marketing efforts for Mobil Chemical.

In addition to having an extensive professional background, Timothy participates in industry-related organizations. He has earned the prestigious President’s award and various other accolades from the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association for his several years of service on various national committees and has served on its Board of Directors for the last 4 years.