Kertis is an Army Veteran that proudly served his country during the Vietnam War. Life after service for Kertis included debilitating pain. The pain was so severe that he opted for a double amputation in an effort to ease pain and improve his quality of life. The procedure helped ease the pain and return Kertis to the life loving person his friends and family knew him to be. He can’t but feel that, “Life is good”.

As someone who loves being outdoors, getting out and about is an important part of his day. Prior to his VMI Van, he was dependent on the bus schedule, or loved ones to help make this happen. Unfortunately, this meant too much time spent trapped at home for his liking. Kertis had to find another solution.

VMI was able to help Kertis through the VA benefit process and get a new van. Now, he’s constantly on the go to all of his favorite places. He takes road trips with the whole family to places like Tucson, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and the Hoover Dam. Ultimately finding his favorite place to play, the casino. Since finding this new found freedom, Kertis has advice to other Veterans who may be in a similar situation: “Go to VMI, and they will take care of everything”.