VMI, ROVI, and Motion Concepts To Develop the Total Mobility Solution

VMI, ROVI, and Motion Concepts announced today that they are working together to improve the compatibility, fit, and functionality between wheelchairs and mobility vehicles.  Historically, wheelchair manufacturers and mobility manufacturers worked independently.  Wheelchair manufacturers primarily focused on designing custom wheelchairs, while mobility vehicle manufacturers focused on making vehicles that accommodate wheelchairs.

“People that purchase power chairs go on to purchase mobility vehicles.  The same care and attention that is put into the individual products, should go into making sure the products work seamlessly together” said Aaron Hanlon, VP of Marketing for VMI.  “This new approach based on the entire customer experience”

ROVI, Motion Concepts, and VMI have invested considerable time identifying synergies between their products.  Several concepts were developed from the companies collaboration sessions.  “We are poised to create something great, something the industry has never seen” said Cody Verrett, President of ROVI Mobility Products.  “We can’t wait to test our concepts with consumers to prove their viability in the market place.”