Teresa Beckman always wanted her daughter, Tosha, to live life and not just watch it.

But living life after being struck by a vehicle two different times is no easy task. Now 37, Tosha is an incredible testament to human willpower, faith, determination and the lifelong compassion of her caregiver mom.

“As a caregiver,” Teresa said, “you have to be proud of yourself. You’re doing a wonderful service and I think we need to share those special moments that we experience with the people we’re caring for — how they uplift us, they spur us on, they’ve brought us closer to a higher expectation of life and put our lives into a better perspective.”

Teresa takes extreme pride in her daughter the way most any mother would, but she’s grown stronger through her caregiver journey and brings that experience full circle to her role at VMI.

“You don’t go into a career like this without a compassionate heart,” she said.

There’s a tangible air of perseverance and joy at the VMI front desk. Teresa is honored to assist families that may be experiencing similar needs to that of her daughter and it’s as though she’s become a caregiver to the masses.

Watch as Teresa reflects on the many life lessons she’s learned through her amazing relationship with Tosha and their cherished memories of caregiver victories throughout. It’s our hope her story will rejuvenate, inspire and empower the caregivers in your life as VMI celebrates Caregiver Appreciation Month.

#thankacaregiver this November

Please join us as we spread these incredible testimonies online. Recent studies show that over 1/3 of the United States population is caregivers and they deserve our thanks. As we continue to imagine possibilities that empower our customers, it’s our hope that physical and social communities rally to show appreciation this month for amazing caregivers like Teresa.

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