On November 11th, we honor and celebrate the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country. But in addition to thanking our nation’s armed forces for their service, it is equally important to consider veteran needs, especially the needs of our disabled veterans. By the numbers, four out of five veterans have a friend who was killed or seriously wounded in the line of duty and six in 10 have been hospitalized as a result of service-related injuries or health problems.

But there are ways to help veterans and give back to the brave servicemen and women who have fought for our country. From writing letters and sending care packages to volunteering with organizations like Wounded Warrior Project, there are a multitude of ways to support our troops. To discover volunteering opportunities, visit the VA Voluntary Service page or MilServe.org. But to start understanding veteran needs, read the infographic to learn about what returning disabled veterans face; then thank a veteran personally.