VMI’s Northstar E is the industry’s first manual side-entry, in-floor ramp conversion for the Dodge Grand Caravan. Designed with the caregiver in mind, this new VMI product is available for purchase from more than 265 VMI dealers worldwide.

“[The Northstar E] offers all of the key advantages of a side-entry system and allows a caregiver to sit next to a wheelchair user when traveling,” said D.J. Todd, vice president of marketing at VMI. “This conversion doesn’t require bending, provides more room for wheelchair maneuverability, and offers caregivers more flexibility with optional mid-row seats and a removable front passenger seat.”

With an MSRP price-point typically associated with rear-entry conversions, the Northstar E is not only practical, but affordable. Plus, the simplicity of the ramp system means there is no risk of motorized components breaking down, which results in long-term reliability and cost-savings.

Northstar E Ramp Operation

Along with being economical, VMI’s new Northstar E caregiver van is easy to use thanks to a variety of helpful features, such as:

  • Full-cut floor and removable passenger seat that allows a wheelchair user to sit next to the driver
  • A simple-to-use, manual in-floor ramp that can be stowed and deployed without bending or lifting
  • Clear, obstruction-free doorway thanks to ramp stowage within the floor
  • Optional mid-row seats for increased passenger capacity and alternative seating options
  • More interior space for wheelchair maneuverability
  • Side-entry benefits for the cost of a rear-entry conversion van

To see the great features of VMI’s new Northstar E wheelchair van, view the video below.