PHOENIX, Ariz – May 16, 2016 – Vantage Mobility International (VMI) received a Gold Quality Rating from Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc., after successfully completing its most recent Toyota Quality Audit. The award was presented to VMI for consistently demonstrating its commitment to product development and quality, operational quality, process control and continuous improvement.

As the leading manufacture of in-floor ramp conversions for wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV), VMI has been converting the Toyota Sienna minivan since 2012. Toyota is known internationally for its focus on quality at every level of the supply chain, and conducts regular audits to ensure suppliers and partners are meeting or exceeding their rigorous quality standards.

At the heart of the Toyota production system is the Kaizen philosophy, or continuous improvement. “Our dedication to Kaizen is reflected in attaining this prestigious Gold Quality Rating,” said Steve Crandell, VMI’s Chief Operating Officer.

“Our team’s long standing commitment to quality and dedication to ‘go for the gold’ led to this achievement. Not only is this recognition motivating to our team, it demonstrates to our customers the value we place on providing an exceptional product,” said Crandell.