VMI Enables Dealers to Launch New Rental Program

VMI and Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance completed their Dealer Floor Plan Agreement for 2016.  The new agreement enables VMI’s Select Dealer Network to offer a new Rental Program to their customers.  “Some consumers want the ability to rent a van before they own a van” said Tim Barone, VMI’s Chief Financial Officer.  “We want to give all consumers an opportunity to experience a VMI van, whether they are buying or renting”.

Renting is often the first step a consumer takes before buying a mobility vehicle.  It enables customers to travel, visit family, and go to appointments. Rental programs offer an affordable option to maintain independence when transferring becomes too difficult in a non-converted vehicle.  VMI’s Dodge Northstar E and Toyota Northstar E360 are the rental vehicles for most consumers.  The manual in-floor ramp is simple for consumers of any size or age to operate, and offers flexible seating options to accommodate groups or families of any size.