The Best Wheelchair Vans Have the Most Space

VMI launched its Claim Your Space campaign to bring awareness to VMI’s industry-leading interior space.  The campaign offers consumers an opportunity to win $10,000 toward a VMI van.  Consumers that enter the contest are provided with an opportunity to learn about the benefits of owning a spacious mobility van including:

  • SPACE to bring family, friends, and pets
  • SPACE for any size wheelchair – including large power chairs –
  • SPACE for any person – including those that sit tall in their chairs –
  • SPACE to maneuver 360 degrees to enter/exit the van facing forward or backwards

The campaign migrates from the VMI website to dealer websites and showrooms through point-of-purchase experience media.   VMI’s Consumer Advocate Center and Veteran Advocate Center are also integral to the campaign.  They provide consumers the information and resources they need to choose the vehicle that best meets their needs.