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Ever Wonder How a Wheelchair Van is Made?

PHOENIX, Ariz. – March 12, 2012 – “How It’s Built”, a powerful new video that details the conversion process of a Honda Odyssey minivan into a highly specialized vehicle for the disabled, was released to the public on Feb. 22, 2012.  The video, which is approximately 10 minutes, provides an in-depth, behind-the-scenes...

2012 VMI Honda Odyssey Video is on YouTube!

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VMI's Honda Odyssey is the pinnacle of accessible technology and functionality, and a testament to our continued commitment to customer utility, dramatic styling cues and performance based design.  VMI pioneered the Northstar in-floor ramp system in 1993 to satisfy customer needs to additional interior space and a clean, obstru...

Performance Mobility Open House

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The unseasonbly warm 95 degree day didn't affect the attendence at Performance Mobility's open house this past Saturday, Sept 10th.  This was my third open house up in Portland, OR with Performance Mobility and it was another great event! [caption id="attachment_1584" align="alignnone" width="300"] Performance Mobility[/c...

Looking Forward to the Houston Abilities Expo!

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It's that time again...time for the Abilities Expo in Houston Tx, at the Reliant Center.   In 2010 the Abilities Expo team brought the trade show to Houston after a brief hiatus.  Last year was a great turnout and the VMI booth was busy with customers the entire weekend.   [caption id="attachment_1596" align="align...

Power Wheelchair Securement

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I was recently asked this question and thought it would good information for the blog readers: How do you secure the powered wheelchair? As with many things that have to do with wheelchairs and wheelchair vans, there is no “one size fits all” answer.  Depending on where you will be sitting in the van is one considera...