November marks a tremendous season as we join together to celebrate National Caregiver Appreciation Month and the amazing individuals who give so much to their loved ones.

The caregiver community is a truly inspiring group of people who dedicate their time and energy to the special needs of people with disabilities and ongoing medical conditions.

Nowadays, over 1/3 of the United States population is composed of caregivers and the numbers are rising.

Join with us at VMI as we spend this month thanking the world of caregivers, sharing their unbelievable stories, celebrating their victories and empowering their needs. This is a special time when we have the opportunity to uplift the caregivers we know and show them we so appreciate their efforts. In taking part of National Caregiver Appreciation Month, we challenge our readers to:

  • seek out opportunities to advocate this month
  • spread the love on social media
  • acknowledge the caregivers in your world
  • mobilize simple gestures of recognition and gratitude
  • raise awareness, boost pride and come together in honor of the selfless individuals who serve the needs of so many

Be sure to check back with VMI as we explore a handful of amazing caregiver stories this month. We’ll be sharing testimonies that are sure to educate, motivate and appreciate this incredible community!

We believe standing alongside the caregiver community means more than creating the products and wheelchair vans they need. VMI is excited to engage with our readers and elevate National Caregiver Appreciation Month to a brand new level.

But We Can’t Do It Alone

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and we encourage you to do the same!