Service dogs are part of the family, right? Sure, they’re adorably friendly, heartwarming and cute, but service dogs are also an integral, functional part of the family unit for people with disabilities and special needs.

Yet maybe the challenge of transporting your service dog has left you stumped. Have you ever considered the benefits of a wheelchair van?

Wheelchair vans are designed for humans, but they’re incredibly beneficial for dogs, too. After all, doesn’t your service dog deserve some canine comforts, seeing as they enrich your life so very much?

The Benefits of a Wheelchair Van for Service Dogs

Many of the innovative designs that make up a wheelchair van are also convenient for your four-legged friends. From spacious cabins to simple ramps systems, a wheelchair van just might empower a service dog nearly as much as it enables a person with a wheelchair, a caregiver or a disabled veteran. Wheelchair vans allow service dogs and their owners to:

  • Find comfortable and flexible seating in the roomy cabins
  • Remove the unnecessary and dangerous stress and strain from traditional loading and unloading options
  • Speed up the process of entering and exiting the vehicle
  • Create safer alternatives in parking spot entrance, exit and maneuverability
  • Transport the entire family in one trip
  • Prevent the wear and tear a dog may unintentionally inflict upon smaller vehicles
  • Integrate durable floors for wheelchairs that are scuff-resistant for dogs, too
  • Enter and exit from the same side door at nearly the same time
  • And so much more

Vantage Mobility International set out to Imagine Possibilities for people with disabilities. The notion that our wheelchair vans might empower man’s best friend is something we can all wag our tail at.