VMI has made national news again! This time MotorTrend, which reaches more than 1.1M readers and tests more vehicles than any other automotive magazine, has compared our conversion models with the leading competitor.

This is the first time in our industry’s history that a global consumer magazine of this scale has conducted such a rigorous comparison of mobility vehicles. And we’re very pleased with what they have to say!

Here are just a few direct quotes from MotorTrend about our Toyota Sienna conversion:

  • VMI is a leader in what is known in the industry as the “in-floor” ramp style, and this Toyota Sienna is equipped with such a system.
  • We found VMI’s control system very easy to use
  • The VMI van boasts impressive interior space…
  • Once inside, the VMI van boasts impressive interior space…enough room for Greg to get into riding placement, and enter and exit the vehicle fairly easily
  • While there were a few small creaks and rattles while driving, the overall level of such noises was much lower than any other vehicle in this test. 
  • We were also most impressed with the ride quality of the VMI Sienna, because it felt the most like a stock Sienna.

The credibility earned in MotorTrend’s unbiased review of our conversions is priceless.   Click here to read the full article on MotorTrend.com