On Veterans Day and every day, VMI is committed to empowering the brave servicemen and women that have sacrificed so much for our nation’s safety and freedoms. For veterans with disabilities, there are many options to help make purchasing a new mobility vehicle or vehicle conversion easier on your wallet—and we’re here to help you.

From providing information and referrals to rebate programs and partnerships, VMI supports customers who are in need of an accessible vehicle in a number of ways.

Veteran Advocate Center

This dedicated department at VMI is comprised of all veterans with a combined 30 years of military service. Our team of specialized advocates understand the system and are standing by to guide you in accessible vehicle options and to answer any questions you may have. They will work with the VA, USAA and mobility van dealers to help you get the most from your veteran benefits. Contact one of our veterans advocates here.

In 2018, VMI was awarded the MOAA Distinguished Service Award in recognition of VMI’s contribution in support of the military community – an award presented to just two companies, VMI and Starbucks. Learn more here.

Help Finding Funding

Lack of funding can be an obstacle to mobility freedom, but luckily, there are resources out there to help. Let’s break down the wheelchair-accessible financial support you may qualify for as a veteran with a disability.

Rebates on First-time Purchases

For veterans who are purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) for the first time, VMI offers a $1,000 Operation Independence rebate. This combined with other rebates, funding and grants, can help make the cost of a WAV more affordable.

We also offer a $1,000 rebate* to USAA members and their families. Veterans may stack both Operation Independence and USAA rebates for their purchase! When you tap the button at the bottom of our USAA page, you will be taken to the USAA site to register. One of our VMI Customer Advocates will contact you to provide you with the rebate certificate and connect you with a participating mobility dealer near you.

VMI has awarded over $2 million in rebates to veterans toward the purchase of a wheelchair accessible vehicle via Operation Independence and USAA rebates. Claim your rebates here.

Learn about Benefits from the VA

Veterans Affairs (VA) has many programs to provide financial assistance to veterans with disabilities and, when you’re ready, one of our Veterans Advocates can walk you through the process of navigating between the VA and your mobility dealer. One of the special claims a veteran can make is an Automobile Allowance, which may support the purchase of a new vehicle. But, there’s also the Automobile Adaptive Equipment, which can help you enhance the vehicle you’re already driving.

If you already own a vehicle and want to convert it to be more accessible, it’s important to ask the VA if you qualify for any conversions you need for your vehicle, like a ramp or a wheelchair lift. According to the VA, those types of modifications are considered adaptive equipment, and can also include power steering, power brakes, power windows, power seats, or any other equipment you might need to operate, enter or exit the vehicle.

VMI is the 1st wheelchair accessible vehicle manufacturer to partner with the VA to establish affordable, consistent pricing for conversions, via the FSS program.

For veterans with disabilities looking to purchase a new mobility vehicle, we know any assistance is appreciated. VA offers an allowance program specifically to help veterans purchase a mobility vehicle for the first time. In this case, financial assistance is offered in the form of a grant to those who fill out VA Form 21-4502 and subsequently qualify for assistance.**

There are many factors involved when it comes to the specific benefits and allowances that each individual will qualify for—and we understand that the whole process can seem complicated and, at times, even overwhelming. For help on where to start, contact one of our knowledgeable Veterans Advocates at 844-VAC-4VMI (844-822-4864).

Adaptive Equipment Rebate Programs from Manufacturers

Manufacturers like Toyota will also offer its own discounts or rebates for veterans with disabilities. That means that depending on the vehicle you want to purchase, you may also qualify for another rebate from the vehicle chassis manufacturer. All of these offers combined make it more affordable to take on a wheelchair-accessible vehicle purchase.

It goes beyond manufacturing and selling accessible vehicles for us at VMI. We like to get out there in the community and support our veterans. That’s why, for the past 3 years, VMI has been proud to be the official mobility vehicle transport resource for the DOD Warrior Games—and the first to ever do so.

If the need for a wheelchair accessible vehicle is new to you or a veteran you know, do some research before you purchase. Your veteran or disability status may qualify you for rebates or other types of funding that can be used toward accessibility conversions or even new mobility vehicles. When shopping for what’s right for you, take your time and learn if any of the military

organizations that you are currently affiliated with offer an additional discount or rebate. You may be pleasantly surprised! Lastly, did you know that mobility dealers will often come to you if you’re unable to come to them? Nothing beats visiting with the dealer at the mobility store to see all the vehicle options they have to offer, but your circumstance may warrant a visit by the mobility consultant to your home instead. Be sure to ask your VMI mobility dealer if they provide such a service.

*Exclusions and restrictions apply. Please reference the terms and conditions on rebate offer.

**VMI is not an accredited representative through the VA. As such, federal law prohibits VMI from assisting veterans in preparing, presenting or prosecuting any claim before the VA. Veterans who desire benefits through the VA must retain the services of an accredited representative, such as a Veteran Service Organization. Information on accredited representatives may be found on the website for U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.