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Whether you’re looking for disabled community resources or what’s new with VMI and our mobility products, it’s all here in our blog. Find tips and information for those with disabilities, plus stories about our customers, their families, friends and caregivers.

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Power Wheelchair Securement

Posted in: News & Press

I was recently asked this question and thought it would good information for the blog readers: How do you secure the powered wheelchair? As with many things that have to do with wheelchairs and wheelchair vans, there is no “one size fits all” answer.  Depending on where you will be sitting in the van is one considera...

Celebrating 20 Years in the Mobility Industry: HDS VANS & MOBILITY Proudly Serves the Disabled Community in Four Southeastern States

Posted in: News & Press

Marietta, GA – Growing from a four man shop in Marietta to a multi-location mobility equipment dealer powerhouse in the Southeast has been methodical, educational and gratifying for everyone at HDS VANS & MOBILITY.  From the top down, everyone at HDS has one goal in mind; servicing the customer to the best of their abilit...

Putting a Label on a Disability

I have to be honest when I say that I generalize things, it’s hard not to, but I am learning that is a dangerous and ignorant way of looking at things.  Before coming into the mobility industry, I didn’t think too much about people with disabilities or people in wheelchairs because it wasn’t a part of my life, luckily.  ...

Take the Confusion out of Shopping For a Wheelchair Van

Shopping for wheelchair vans can get very confusing especially because of all the different options, conversions and manufacturers. People often will ask me, “What makes your conversion (VMI) better than your competition”. As much as I love to boast about our products and feel as if we make the best wheelchair van conversio...

From Humble Beginnings to Unlimited Possibilities: MobilityWorks is a Giant in the Mobility Industry with a Small Town Feel

Posted in: News & Press

Akron, OH – In thirteen years, MobilityWorks has gone from a one location mobility equipment dealer with twelve employees to a multi-million dollar powerhouse.  Now, with thirteen locations in seven states, over 200 employees, the manufacturing of their own mobility solutions and the exciting new Mobility Conquest motorcycle...

Los Angeles Abilties Expo

Posted in: News & Press

I was trying to think how many Abilities Expos I have attended over the past five years, and I think the tally is over 15.  This past weekend, I attended the Abilities Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 4th year in a row.  Over the years, this event has been held in Anaheim and Long Beach and received great att...